The best exclusive leather belts

Leather Belt

Master Leather Craftsman, Rudy Lozano, has dedicated his life to create the most durable and beautiful exotic skin Leather Belt in the world. We truly believe in the craftsmanship and quality of our leather products. We know once you try one of our belts and experience the attention to detail and premium quality, you'll want another one.

Q: How do you measure for belt size?

A: This is an instruction for ordering all 1 1/2 inch wide belts. Measure our present pants belt, from edge of the buckle to your comfortable fit position. Then round off to the nearest even number.

Belt Measurement Instructions

Single Ply Leather Belt – RL09

Double Ply Dress Leather Belt in White Color – RL20W

Ostrich Leg Leather Belt – Genuine Exotic Skin Belt – RL20LO

Caiman Crocodile Tail Leather Belt

Black Alligator Leather Belt for Men – RL-BE

Ostrich Quill Leather Belt – RL20EO

Blue Manta Ray Leather Belt

Exotic Stingray Skin Leather Belt

Stingray Leather Belt in Fuschia Tone

Brown Alligator Belt – Authentic Handmade Skin Belts

Ostrich Leather Belt for Men in Brown Color – RL20EO

Alligator Light Blue Leather Belt

American Alligator Leather Belt in Navy Blue Color

American Alligator Brown Leather Belt

Alligator Leather Belt in Red Color

Real Leather Shark Belt – High Quality Handmade Exotic Leather Belts

Caiman Crocodile Tail Belt for Men

Double Ply Ranger Designers Belts – RL2TBHC

Double Ply Leather Belt DPG – RL20

Fancy Stitch Leather Belt – RL27

Two Tone Double Ply Leather Belt – RL28

Double Ply Hand Carved Leather Belt – RL627 DP

Exotic Alligator Leather Belt – RL

Custom Alligator Leather Belt for Men – RL

Exotic Ostrich Leg Brown Leather Belt – RL

Exotic Skin Black Crocodile Belt – RL

Alligator Real Leather Belt – RL

Alligator Blue Skin Belt – RL-BAB

Mens Black Belt of Alligator Leather – RL-HCA

Hand Carved Alligator Dark Brown Leather Belt – RL-HCA

Double Ply Basket Weave Ranger Leather Belt – RL627

Black Elephant Leather Belt – RL20ET

Genuine Leather Ostrich Belt – RL22

Mens Brown Leather Belt of Ostrich Skin

Alligator Genuine Leather Belt – RL-BE