Welcome to the Rudy Lozano Store

Thank you for visiting our new Rudy Lozano Store. We are dedicated to the manufacturing of the finest leather belts. It is our goal to exceed your expectations with the best products in the market. Our staff is a group of craftsmen that together sum more than a hundred years of experience in the making of leather art, There are many types of leather belts are available in our shop like ostrich skin belt, stingray belt, shark skin leather,elephant leather and alligator belt..ect

From the selection of the hides to the actual creation of our products, The watchful eye of Master Craftsman Rudy Lozano is present.

We at Rudy Lozano look forward to serving you again and we hope you enjoy our leather art as much as we enjoyed making it for you!

Happy Trails,

Rudy Lozano

Leather Master Since 1973



Rudy Lozano Leather Store
615 Forest Loop
Laredo, TX, 78045
E-Mail: rudy@rudy-lozano.com