Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you measure for belt size?

A: This is an instruction for ordering all 1 1/2 inch wide belts. Measure our present pants belt, from edge of the buckle to your comfortable fit position. Then round off to the nearest even number.

Belt Measurement Instructions

Q: What is the difference between cowhide and horsehide?

A: One of the more notable properties of horsehide is its natural ability to repel moisture. This is due to the dense cell structure of the hide thus limiting its porosity. This natural ability to repel moisture makes it very useful for certain applications, particularly for use inside the waistband. Horsehide is also somewhat rustic in appearance in comparison to cowhide.

Cowhide is graded at the tannery in direct relation to the percentage of scar, range marks and other surface imperfections on the hide. Grade (A) being the best, is what we order from the tannery and a true Grade (A) will generally, but not always, be devoid of any surface imperfections.

Horsehide on the other hand, basically only comes from the tannery one way, un-graded and usually with plenty of the above imperfections. On the bright side, much of the scaring, stretch and range marks common on much of the horsehide we get today, is present in unique patterns much like figured wood. Since horsehide is unpredictable in its grading, you must accept the fact that any horsehide product you order from us may exhibit some of the above characteristics and is not considered by us to be a defective product. Any horsehide we use in our products is guaranteed to be structurally sound, regardless of any natural markings that may be present on the surface. I guess the bottom line is if you expect from us a clean holster, devoid as much as possible of any natural markings, order cowhide.

On the durability issue there has been much BS circulating on the mythical wear characteristics of horsehide. I will not argue that a well made horsehide holster will give you many years and possibly a lifetime of good service, but with proper care a good cowhide holster will last just as long.

Q: What can I do to maintain the appearance of my new leather?

A: Nothing much needs to be done other than an occasional waxing to help maintain appearance. That applies to items with the smooth-out finish only! You can disregard most of the advice put out on the various internet forums suggesting applications for holsters that are better suited for a pair of boots, or on a saddle. On belts of our manufacture- do not use silicone, oil, or product that advertises itself as an aid to help soften leather- Period!

Angelus has a product we use called Lustre Cream and it is available in both cordovan and black. Fiebings, Carnauba wax is also a good protectorate for smooth leather, but will oxidize on the leather surface if not used or buffed occasionally.

Q: Can I make additions to, or change my order after the order is placed?

A: We will allow addition or change to a customers order, as long as the addition is made within 10 calendar days from the date the order is originally placed.



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