The best exclusive Gun Leather Holsters

Gun Holsters

Master Leather Craftsman, Rudy Lozano, has dedicated his life to create the most durable and beautiful exotic skin leather belts in the world. We truly believe in the craftsmanship and quality of our leather products. We know once you try one of our belts and experience the attention to detail and premium quality, you'll want another one.

RL60D Double mag holder with two tension screws

RLDET Elephant Skin Double Magazine Carrier

RLDOE Ostrich Skin Double Magazine Carrier

RL4L Comfort Belt Scabbard Texas Ranger Gun Holster

RL44 Concealed Duty Holster


RLS1 Belt Slide

RL-CS Crocodile Skin Paddle Holster

RL59ET – Elephant Exotic Skin Improved Belt Slide Holster

RL-CTB Crocodile Skin Paddle Holster

RL-Tiger Shark Skin Leather Holsters

RL-Black Stingray Exotic Skin Leather Holsters

RL-Brown Alligator Exotic Leather Holster

RL-50OE – Ostrich exotic skin Shadow Gun Holster

RL-Black Alligator Exotic Leather Holster

RL59-HTA High top leather

RL-Peanut Brittle Ostrich Exotic Leather Holster

RL49 Bikini Belt Slide Holster

RL59 Improved Belt Slide Holster

RL39 Improved Belt Slide II Holster